Bare Beats an experimental / multi genre producer from the edge of East London, started out dj’ing and selling records, while in the background perfecting and gaining knowledge on his own style of electronic production. His debut album ‘Strangeways’ is set to be released in 2012 but its far from his first record, Beats has ever made, with a string of ep’s and production credits all over the world. The producer of The Kemistry and one of the hip hop production duo ‘Bare Smoke’ …

In 2009 Beats produced an album with Canadian Mc Modulok ‘Two Cities’ an instant underground classic throughout the cities of the world. 2010 saw the release of part 1 of a series of ep’ I won’t Sleep Again ‘in 2011 Beat produced ‘The Kemistry’ Dilatare ep and 2012 will see more and more music from full compositions for film scores to the raw banger in one of the worlds underground hip hop scene Beats will just do him and make music that he loves with no gimmicks … Being comfortable behind a synthesizer or a sampler Beats will always keep listeners on their toes with something new but comfortable to listen too.



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